Project by Barbara Sant’Era

Ph: Sabrina Poli

Stylist: Paolo Baroncelli
Location: Watamu – Kenya
The Santafrika project was born to make a dream come true:

where tides create lunar landscapes, light and clouds

accompany you as in a spectacular endless roof.
A journey to realize a vision that combines the opposites of

Barbara’s personality: the conceptual rigor and the authentic soul of a

land called “home”.


Conflicting combinations, African braids sparkling with glitter

to reflect sun, gold lips and accessories of years past.

The essence of the project lies in the choice of couture-conceptual

clothes by end-of-century Nordic stylists, immersed into a pure

and uncompromising atmosphere.


Black-black, white, sand and vermilion red hues.

The hairstyles harmonize yet contrast with

environment and models; with their natural elegance, they

interpret a “by-gone” fashion between the West and

Eastern Africa.


Passion for colors, desire to experiment, and constant research

serve as the great impetus that accompanies Barbara in her

daily work, turning her into an out-of-the-box professional.